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Men's outdoor jacket

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Men's one-color jacket with a hood and fleece lining for a transitional period.

High quality from the German company Brandit.

  • it is worn over the head, has a side zip fastening, which is sewn along the entire length of the left side from the lower edge of the jacket to the armpit - this solution allows very easy and comfortable dressing of the jacket
  • the hood can be pulled down with a drawstring
  • fastening is up to the neck with a zipper and velcro
  • a large straight zipped chest pocket with a flap is sewn on the front part, which will also be used to store your documents and money
  • in the lower part of the front part there are sewn two oblique pocket for storing your other necessary things, they are also closed with zippers
  • the width of the lower part of the sleeve can be adjusted with Velcro
  • the bottom edge of the jacket can be pulled down
  • lined with soft fleece lining
  • the cut of the jacket is free
  • wider sleeves
  • very comfortable to wear
  • made of light and breathable material
  • waterproof
  • windproof


  • suitable for your hobbies in nature
  • for outdoor 

Product maintenance:

  • when washing in an automatic washing machine, we recommend a program at 30 ° C, squeezing at low speed, thus saving the environment and extending the life and appearance of your clothes.

Size labeling may be non-standard. Compare the dimensions of your clothes with our size chart.

Material: 100% polyester

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Velikost Šířka hrudník (A) Délka celková (B) Délka rukávu (C) Šířka ramen (D) Šířka lemu (E)
M 62 cm 68/72 cm - přední/zadní díl 65 cm 48 cm 62 cm
L 65 cm 69/74 cm - přední/zadní díl 67 cm 50 cm 66 cm
XL 69 cm 72/76 cm - přední/zadní díl 69 cm 51 cm 70 cm
XXL 72 cm 74/78 cm - přední/zadní díl 71 cm 54 cm 73 cm
3XL 74 cm 75/80 cm - přední/zadní díl 71 cm 56 cm 76 cm

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