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Delivery and payment


We ship to following countries 

Shipments to Czech republic

  • Shipping costs 4€
  • Usual delivery time is 1-3 days after order

Shipments to Slovakia

  • Shipping costs 7€
  • Usual delivery time is 2-3 days after order



Credit card payment

  • For credit card payment we use GoPay payment gateway, partner of VISA and MasterCard association. Using a third party gateway for payment ensures, that we do not have any access to your credit card data. 
  • After sending your order, you will be redirected to the GoPay payment gateway.
  • The payment gateway supports 3D secure payments. If you have this security set up on your bank, you need to confirm your payment with an SMS code.
  • After successful payment, you are redirected back to our site and we begin to process the order.
  • In case of payment failure, you are also redirected back to our site, but with the information that the payment has not been made. For security reasons, card payment cannot be repeated. If you want to repeat the card payment, you must issue the order again. In case you have ordered the last product on stock, it will not be possible to repeat the order. Please contact our customer service first to cancel the previous order and cancel the reservation of ordered products. 
  • The most common reasons for payment rejection: the card is not allowed for online payments, the card limit has been overdrawn, the wrong credit card number has been entered, 3D secure authorization failed. 

Bank transfer

  • You can pay by direct bank transfer from your bank account to our bank account. 
  • After order placement, you will receive a proforma invoice by email with all necessary information for payment.
  • We don't charge any transaction fee for bank transfer but keep in mind that your bank can charge you some fees for international payment to the Czech republic.

Cash on delivery

  • You can pay by cash directly to the delivery agent after receiving your order.
  • For cash on the delivery payment method, we charge 2€ fee.