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Long sweatshirts

Combine the right trendy outfit for a free time from our ladies' sweatshirts collection. It is not anymore only a supplement to a sports tracksuit. Elegant sweatshirts ensure a comfortable fit and look great. Choose from a wide range of variants and prints. To find the best deals, choose the right filters below. Sweatshirts with hood, without hood, without a zipper and many others. The offer is varied and wide. You can find cheap sweatshirts at our sale.




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Long sweatshirts

Keep your back warm. Our long sweatshirts are the perfect fashion piece. Long cut without problems covers your entire back. There is no risk of your back being exposed when moving. Long sweatshirts are available in many variants. Extended sweatshirts with hood, sweatshirts over the head and zipper. Check the exact length of the sweatshirt in the size chart for each product and choose the one that suits you best. In winter and cold weather, you can wear long sweatshirts under the jacket, on warmer days they can be worn as the top of your clothing.

Extended sweatshirt with polka dots and asymmetric zipper. At the bottom of the drawstring. Patterned inside hood. Material: Polka-dot women's sweatshirt longer cut and hood
30.25 €
size S size M
Longer lined sweatshirt / light jacket. Functional pockets, drawstrings. Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton. Warm ladies' sweatshirt zipper and hood
40.35 €
size S size M size L XXL
Insulated brindle zip sweatshirt. Distinctive pattern inside the hood. Material: 35% cotton, 65% polyester. Sports women's brindle hooded sweatshirt
35.1 € 74.75 €
size S XXL size M
Long polka dot sweatshirt with asymmetric zipper. Different pattern inside the hood. Material: 65% cotton, 35% polyester. Women's sweatshirt polka dots and hood
30.25 € 44.95 €
size S size M size L
Color sweatshirt with crazy print. Different color inside the hood. Material: 97% cotton, 3% lycra. Import: Turkey Elegant cotton sweatshirt with print and hood
13.4 €
UNI size
Sweatshirt with dots with asymmetrical fastening and hood. Front pockets and decorative patents. Gray edging. Material: 65% Women's sweatshirt with dots with asymmetric fastening
30.25 €
size M size L
Stylish dotted sweatshirt. The inside of the pocket is printed with flowers. Drawstring at waist. Zip fastening. Material: Women's long sweatshirt polka dots and hood
30.25 €
size S
Women's sweatshirt with picture and hood. Fur on the edge of the hood, side pockets, picture and pompons. Material: 100% Women's warm hooded sweatshirt Bear
12.35 €
size L
Warm sweatshirt with a picture and ears on the hood. Large front pocket. Drawstring Lanyards. Material: 100% polyester. Women's sweatshirt with ears on the hood and hare
17.65 € 29.8 €
size XL XXL