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Women's sweaters made of soft and comfortable materials for casual wear - this is the offer of our current collection. Take a look at interesting knitted pullovers in modern colors. Relaxed leisure style and elegant office look. Choose the length of the jumpers, pattern, and type of neckline according to your fashion preferences. Cardigans with button fastenings or sweaters with long sleeves for the cold winter period. Looking for the best deal - check our sales.

Women's sweater made of natural materials from the collection of the German brand HempAge classic cut one color design button Women's organic cotton and hemp sweater
78.3 €
size S size M size L size XL
Women's pullover sweater made of 100% organic cotton from the German brand LIVING CRAFTS ageless classic button fastening Women's organic cotton sweater
95.45 €
size XS size S size M size L size XL
Women's natural wool knitted sweater by HempAge timeless classic one color design fastening for pearl buttons long sleeve Women's wool sweater
128.8 €
size S size M size L size XL
Unisex sweatshirt made of hemp and organic cotton from the HempAge sustainable fashion collection. natural materials smooth Sweater with hemp and organic cotton
95.45 €
size S size M size L
Women's knitted sweater made of natural materials from the collection of sustainable fashion from the German brand HempAge Women's hemp sweater
88.65 €
size M size L size S
Women's knitted sweater over the head made of natural materials organic cotton and hemp without switching on with ruffles Women's ruffled sweater with hemp
100.5 €
size S
Women's turtleneck with a longer back in an oversized design. warming material with mohair content long to the middle of the Women's oversized long one-color turtleneck
38.15 €
UNI size
Hairy women's sweater in many colors. shorter waist length boat neckline bat-cut sleeves sewn from a very warm material very Women's furry sweater with bat sleeves
35.1 €
UNI size
One-color women's knitted sweater with a distinctive knot on the back and lace sleeves. monochromatic in normal length rough Women's sweater with a knot on the back and lace sleeves
40.35 €
UNI size
Solid color women's turtleneck for casual wear, but in combination with your accessories for extraordinary occasions. Single colored women's turtleneck
25.2 €
Lightweight women's turtleneck sweater will be an indispensable addition to your minimalist wardrobe. long sleeve normal Women's single-colored turtleneck
25.2 €
Women's turtleneck in elegant design, without which you can not do in your wardrobe. variable to jeans, skirt, trousers, Women's turtleneck sweater
27.75 €
Longer women's oversized sweater with an extended back. warm material with wool content plain knit with ribbed hem the Women's oversized long sweater single color
35.3 €
UNI size
Hairy turtleneck for women of all ages in one color. medium length bats sleeves cuffs 11 cm wide pleasant to the touch Use: Women's hairy turtleneck with bat sleeves
35.3 €
UNI size