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Crossbody bags sale

Elegant and sporty crossbody handbags are among our best-selling handbags. Interesting shapes and sizes make them ideal for universal use. The sporty and elegant outfit can be completed with this handbag. We offer cheaper leatherette variants and luxury handbags made of genuine leather that will last for years. Despite their higher price, leather crossbody from genuine leather is one of our top 5 best selling products. Limited-time promotions are over, so choose quickly.

Practical, handmade genuine leather handbag 140 cm adjustable strap 2 outer pockets 17x14 cm zippered Dimensions: height 19 Small ladies crossbody handbag made of genuine leather
34.35 € 73.25 €
Women's Small Shoulder Bag Made of Genuine Cowhide. zipper and flap with magnet zip pocket on front and back length Women's Crossbody Handbag Made of Genuine Leather - Czech product
68.45 € 135.6 €
Handmade handbag made of genuine leather. adjustable strap (max 120 cm) zipped and patented from the outside of the zipper Small women's leather shoulder bag
79.8 € 144.2 €
Large crossbody leather handbag. women's and men's A4 format zippered length adjustable strap (120cm) zip pocket on front and Large Leather Shoulder Bag
74.75 € 134.1 €
Small leatherette handbag with decorative zipper. Zipper closure. A small zipped pocket inside and on the back. Length Smaller women's leatherette crossbody handbag
20.15 € 35.1 €
Glittering crossbody handbag. Zip fastening. One small zipped pocket and two small compartments inside. Small zippered pocket Small women's shoulder bag
20.15 € 34.6 €
Small leatherette handbag with tassels. zip and magnet closing two small compartments inside and one zipped pocket a small Women's small shoulder bag
20.15 € 34.6 €
Handmade Genuine Leather Bag. for both men and women A4 format zipped and patented two outer zip pockets inside one small Large women's leather shoulder bag
79.8 € 133.85 €
Women's leather handbag. closing with two-way zipper length adjustable strap inside zipped pocket for documents and three Women's Shoulder Bag Made of Genuine Leather
120.2 € 194.7 €
Handmade small hunting handbag made of genuine leather. lacquered natural leather for both men and women adjustable strap Original women's leather shoulder bag
125.25 € 194.7 €
Handmade classic genuine leather bum bag. 3 zipped pockets adjustable strap pinning the waistband with a buckle main pocket Leather kidney bag - made in the Czech Republic
29.3 € 45.2 €
Small leatherette handbag. with zipper and magnets two small pockets inside and one zip pocket Included length adjustable Larger ladies crossbody handbag
22.7 € 34.6 €
Small crossbody handbag made of genuine leather. can be closed with a flap with a lock with a buckle length adjustable strap Leather Crossbody Handbag - Made in the Czech Republic
59.6 € 88.65 €
Large leather handbag. A4 format 2 interchangeable carabiner straps zippered magnet pocket on the front zipped pocket on the Spacious shoulder bag made of genuine leather
100 € 146.2 €