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Pink dresses

We offer women's dresses for every occasion. With care, we choose fashionable cuts and timeless designs, in which you will surely feel perfect. The current collection includes cheaper dresses for casual wear or luxury dresses for festive occasions. Follow our news regularly. Nice pieces sell out very quickly. Best offers - check out our sale.



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You have selected pink products, or products with pink shades predominating. We also include products in lilac, fuchsia, thistle and old pink shades. Pink is the color of romance and a symbol of youth. Interesting are combinations of pink with light blue, brown and gray color.

Women's formal dress to the knees with an ageless polka dot pattern and long sleeves. Elegant and fashionable retro look case Polka dot sleeveless dress with long sleeves
113.65 €
40 42 38 36
Retro formal women's knee dress with an unoriginal polka dot pattern. three-quarter sleeve round neckline A-cut skirt Polka dot A-line dance dress with 3/4 sleeves
113.65 €
38 40 36 42
Women's lace dress with tulle skirt monochromatic length to the knees lace with flowers motif to the waist on the front Evening dress with lace
48.25 € 63.4 €
Oversized women's tunic made of knitted fabric monochrome, streaked round neckline long sleeve free comfortable cut 2 Women's oversized long sleeve tunic
23.7 € 38.15 €
Long Chiffon Prom Dress round neck decorated with embroidered rose petals and beads reinforced décolleté in the Ball long dress embroidery and beads
113.9 € 143.95 €
Luxury ladies' formal dress mesh neckline and sleeves part of the bra is reinforced lace embroidered bodice tulle layered Cocktail dress with lace
63.4 € 78.3 €
Long ladies' formal dress monochromatic close-fitting cut on the side of the slit wrapped V-neck short fallen sleeve with Gown with a slit
50.25 € 68.45 €
Cocktail ladies dress close fitting top length above knee round neck with small cross section in the middle three-quarter Party dress balloon style
73.5 € 93.45 €
36 38 40 42
Sleeveless sleeveless dress with sleeves on the sleeves monochromatic sleeve fitting cut knee length without neckline without Evening dress ruffle sleeves
80.75 € 100.5 €
36 38 40 44 42
Women's Lace Prom Dress. with short sleeves round neckline upper part full lace a belt in the waist at the waist tulle Ball Gown with Lace
50.25 € 73.5 €
Short ladies knitted dress with long sleeves. The dress has exposed shoulders and lace in the neckline and back. Suitable for Knitted mini dress lace in the neckline
35.3 € 48.75 €
Short women's ball or formal dress with lace in the neckline and on the back. A-line cut flattering figure. The universal Evening dress with lace for dancing
30.05 € 48.25 €
Women's summer beach long dress with short sleeves and round neckline. Thanks to free cut suitable for full-bodied figure. Beach dress free cut
29.75 € 40.15 €
Women's summer shirt with three-quarter sleeves and carmen neckline. A decorative flap with buttons on the front. Can Women's Free Shirt Dress with 3/4 Sleeve
29.05 €